SEPTEMBER 13, 2019


Harvard Students Learn to Give and Take

The Harbus News relays story about the 2019 MBA Program kick-off featuring a new addition for first year MBA students - Reciprocity Rings. The Reciprocity Ring is one of the tools featured in ‘All You Have To Do Is Ask.’ The Harvard MBA program took on the exercise to build high-quality connections between students during the second day of class. Harvard MBAs found the Reciprocity Ring to be beneficial not only for getting help themselves, but also for getting to know new classmates. “It was an interesting psychological bridge-building exercise. You learn a lot about people, not just based on where they worked or are from, but on what they request. Their request speaks to their personality or the types of hobbies that they would like to bring to campus.”

JULY 1, 2019

Job Performance Rankings Don’t Have to Kill Cooperation

Research by Professor Wayne Baker shows how your company can avoid the pitfalls.

JUNE 21, 2019

Wayne's opening address at GMAC annual conference in June 2019 where participants used the Reciprocity Ring

GMAC introduced The Reciprocity Ring, a new facilitated networking activity led by Wayne Baker, a senior faculty member of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, that combined meeting people with solving business problems and paying it forward.

FEBRUARY 22, 2019

U-M Regents invest in Wayne's startup based on the principles in the book.